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‘Introducing “RedCooker” of Bengaluru’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

What does a brilliant IIT Mumbai & IIM Lucknow alumni Rohan Patnaik, who loves pure mathematics, squash and is a food connoisseur, do when he wants a change? Convinces his equally brilliant friends Raghunandan B. & Amol Patil and the three get into the business of food (https://www.redcooker.com/redcooker-story/)

Thus was born RedCooker: logoIt is an ap that lists out dishes from domestic kitchens and makes them reach its customers.

12183778_1665670407041608_2088598011822487685_o 580 50Aloo Paratha served with Curd and Pickle.

12186847_1665670007041648_8902195167041339972_o 580 50Andhra style Tomato Pappu with Green Chutney, Rice and Payasam

12183846_1665670083708307_7126955912452118476_o 580 50Ajwain Parathas served with dry Aloo Jeera Sabzi and Lahsoon ki Chatni on the side

12186290_1665670177041631_5411150181968841284_o 580 50Traditional Rajasthani style Gatte ki Sabzi served with Phulkas (3nos).

These people at RedCooker share with us what a wise guy once said “There is no love more sincere than love for food”. And RedCooker agrees to this. Not only does RedCooker love food, it also likes to share that love too. It was this love that prompted this troika to start cookin’ with RedCooker.

69059d6681264730afd8f7c209e4d5d0-1080x720 580 50Chicken sauteed in Black pepper, served with Cocktail Dip and Kimchi

fb494506d0364d4fbc540cc1aee25771-720x480 - Copy 580 50Italian Chicken Pasta Salad: Penne, Chicken, fresh vegetables combined with a light Italian Dressing.

07b1f990a3114656ba83f0689dd55cf5-720x480 580 50Coq Au Vin : Chicken braised with Mushrooms and Onions in Port Sauce.

Their website (https://www.redcooker.com/) explains: “We bring gourmet & home food to your doorstep through our android app and website. Our gourmet meals are prepared by experienced Chefs in FSSAI licensed kitchens. Our home food, though prepared in our HomeChef’s kitchen carries an authentic taste and a commitment to quality. All our food is prepared under strict quality control with the right balance of taste and nutrition.”

I have not yet had the chance of trying out the dishes of RedCooker, but if the photos above are any indication, I am going to love the RedCooker. Alas presently this privilege is limited to residents of some areas of Bengaluru only! Check up the website to see if your area falls within the lucky zone.

Give it a try.

Bon apetit!

(Text based on inputs from the website of RedCooker. Source of photos: RedCooker’s website)

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