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Celebrate Gudhi Padwa with Pune Heritage Walk March 21, 2015



Celebrate Gudhi Padwa with Pune Heritage Walk

ard Winning, Pune Heritage Walk is set to give you a fascinating experience of the Maharashtrian culture in its special walk organized this Saturday….. on the occasion of “Gudhi Padwa” !!

“Gudhi Padwa” which marks the beginning of a new Hindu year is celebrated on the first day of the “Chaitra” month of Marathi calendar! In the heart of Pune city, households are decorated with rangolis, marigold garlands and a “Gudhi” is hoisted outside the windows symbolizing the celebration. Join the Heritage Walk with your family and celebrate the Padwa knowing about the rich heritage of Pune city.

Starting point: Pune Municipal Corporation
Language: English
Fees: Rs 350/- (includes guide, comprehensive brochure, refreshment and cultural performance)

For more info call Suchitra on 020 2570 9013





traveltalk.co.in is in no way connected wih his walk. The above information is being shared only for the information of its readers.






‘Pune’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

Pune is one of the cultural hubs of India. When I visited it two months back I was very keen to join the ‘Pune Heritage Walk’. So I promptly booked myself through email and followed it up with a phone call. Unfortunately one day before the ‘Walk’, I was informed by the organisers that the walk for that Sunday morning stood cancelled as I was the only participant.

Feeling sad but not disheartened, I found out the alternative- ‘Pune Darshan’, a day long bus tour. And there I was at 7.30 am in that bus. However it turned out to be a rather poor alternative.

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 185 480 30

But I am not going to talk today about the usual touristic spots of Pune- but about things which I found unusual.

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 017 480 40

There was a big board advising people in Marathi that intoxication was a sure way of inviting death.*

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 018 480 40

It was ironic to find, just within 200 yards of that Board, a man lying on the road, totally drunk, or as Pink Floyd would term it ‘comfortably numb’. …

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 053 480 40

Having never seen/heard such an expression I asked the tea stall man what was the meaning of ‘Tea-cutting’. About half a cup, he explained by gesticulation.

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 057 480 25

The coconut water was refreshing.

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 197 420 30

The bus stopped near this restaurant for lunch and our Guide recommended this restaurant.

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 191 480 30

I ordered a ‘Pav-bhaji’. However the waiter brought a glass of this colourful brew. I didn’t order this, I protested. It is free, he said with a little wink. What is it called, I asked him. ‘Sai Saras Special’ he added jokingly. I did take a sip but didn’t quite like it.

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 196 480 30

The ‘Pav-bhaji’ was good and spicy & I happily polished it off.

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 189 480 30

Seeing the above board I wondered the way we Indians have taken up to the mobile phone. I am sure the concept of giving a ‘missed call’ is an Indian invention.

pune 18 - 19 jan 2014 199 480 30

The Pune Darshan tour also involved a visit to the Pune Zoo. I found it to be the most pathetic zoo that I have seen. Of course what made me smile was an enclosure for ‘fleas’.


*Ms Padma Ganesh has set me right. She explains that the “The big board in Marathi actually advises people to control speed else it may invite death.”….My apologies to readers and thank you Padma for correcting me



Photos, text and copyright: K.J.S.Chatrath

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