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‘Nisarga Garden – Excellent Karnataka food restaurant in Bengaluru’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

I had ruefully put up a photo article some time back on what I personally perceive to be a downhill  slipping in the food quality at Bengaluru’s iconic M.T.R. (http://traveltalk.co.in/?p=674).  While in the town, I tried a number of other eating places. I was pleasantly surprised to find an excellent one quite near to where I was staying. It is placed called ‘Nisarga’ which in Kannada means nature or prakriti.

Here I saw greenery, garden, cooking in front of you, cleanliness, self-help standing or sitting and an enclosure where one can order  and be served at the table and of course excellent food sensibly priced.



The standard one vada and two idlees. The mint/curd chutney was excellent and so was the sambar- thick sharp with a dash of sweetness.


I had to order an encore.


I stood  mesmerized  seeing dosas being prepared.




 Dosas were in two forms.


The dosachutney and sambar were just sublime.


The thali meal was nice to look at, tasty and substantial.


And to end, an ultimate in coffee taste – a little glass of pure filter coffee. What? Did you say ‘Starbucks’?  Don’t be ‘dumb’ and irreverent to the best coffee in the world – the South Indian Filter Coffee! The Americans just do not know what real coffee is!

By the way, I was a full paying customer when I visited this restaurant last month.

Useful Information:

Nisarga Garden Veg Restaurant, Opposite Police Commissioner’s Office,  Infantry Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Phone: 080 2228 9563.

Photos, text and copyright: K.J.S.Chatrath

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