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  1. Naresh Whig

    Tourism in Cuba

    All over Cuba, you will find small tobacco plantations. Plant Leaves are used to make famous Havana cigars.

    In Cuba,, all vehicles are state owned except those that were privately owned before the precise date of revolution in fifties. That is why you see big Chevrolets and dodges still driving around. State will never confiscate these vehicles.

    Any private household can open their doors to tourists and make money by turning the house into a restaurant.This limited private enterprise is not frowned upon.

    Cubans get their free weekly rations from shops called ‘LA Libra’ ( Lake ki dukan ) where the householders name and allocation is written in chalk on large blackboards. Every household has a specific shop from where they get their supples. Every adult is entitled to one free cigar every week that they collect from ration shop LA Libra.

    Cuban children are encouraged to learn American baseball game. This s a very popular game. Top achievers get a chance to join big US baseball teams which can make them millionaires.

    If you want to travel around in Cuba, you travel in buses that look like dust carts. You will have to approach a man in yellow dress carrying a box ; tell him your destination and put fares in his fares box. Yellow man is forbidden to touch the coins. He will then flag down a state owned vehicle with their distinctive yellow number plates that will take you to your destination.

    And to end this information about Cuba, please note that Cuba is the only communist country left in the world, which adheres to original template of what defines communism.


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