Some lighter moments during travel’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

I visited Allahabad about two months back. It was a tough and tiring journey, as most of my travels are- by train, auto, cycle rickshaw and walking, in fact lot of walking. But during this I found some puzzling and funny sign boards. Take a look.


On getting down at the railway station I got confused about the name of the city that I was visiting. The usual mustard coloured railway board mentioned ‘Allahabad’ (A as in Allah) in English and ‘Ilahabad’ (I as in Imlee) in Hindi. The railway authorities whom I asked could not explain. May be one of my readers would enlighten me on this.


I took an auto to go to the UP Tourism’s modest hotel where I had booked myself. On the way I was greeted by this board saying ‘Garha Mazaa’ (say thick enjoyment). I was, and continue to be foxed about its meaning.


Walking in the Civil Lines area that evening, I was attracted by the board ‘Sophia Laurence’. It was the board of a small transport vehicle parked on the pavement  which was selling ‘Paans’, ‘Paan Masala’ etc. allahabad-illahabad-nov-2013-039-420-75

Paan Masala is not good for health.


Sophia Loren (Source of this photo: internet)

And this is the real Sophia Loren, who was quite a rage during the 1960s. And of course smoking causes cancer! By the way Ms. Loren would be 80 this September. Happy birthday.

Photos, text and copyright: K.J.S.Chatrath

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