‘Collectorate building, Allahabad, U.P.’ by KJS Chatrath

Whenever I go to any town in India, I want to visit the oldest local christian cemetery and the Collectorate building. These give me some feel of the pre-Independance history. During my trip to Allahabad last week, the visit to the cemetery was a big disappointment as it was very, very badly kept and it was impossible to move in more that 20 feet because of dense vegetation.

Then I went to the Collectorate building. It was around 9 am and the office had not yet opened. I talked to the people around wanting to know more about the building but did not achieve much. Some one suggested that I talk to the Record Keeper of the office of Collector who was passing by. I asked him about the history of the building and if there was any plaque somewhere giving details. Unfortunately he did not give me any worthwhile information. Since I was short of time, I just moved around the imposing building and took some photos.

Subsequently I came to know of a well known Collector of Allahabad, one Mr. Mayne. A little looking around and I found some very interesting information.

I would be putting up a separate photo article on this soon. In the meantime please take a look at the lovely building of Collectorate at Allahabad.




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