5 Quick Tips For Taking Better Travel Photos By Majella Grawatsch



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“5 Quick Tips For Taking Better Travel Photos

These days you don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture a really good photo. Here are 5 quick tips that will help you take better travel pictures:

1. Get…closer

chinese warrior closer view

Move closer to your subject. Closer, closer… Now get even closer. Of course you can crop pictures later, but it’s much easier to get a great shot when your subject is really obvious. Like in-your-face obvious. If you get closer, you’ll be less likely to have a background filled with telephone wires, photo-bombers and other stuff that gets in the way of a great picture.

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2. Try different angles

Move to the right, then to the left. Check if you can get your shot in a reflection. Don’t feel like you need to shoot everything straight on. Beauty comes with a little perspective, and angles make photos more interesting.

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3. Experiment with your subject

Hiking with mountain and glacier

Play around with the placement of your subject. It doesn’t always have to be smack-dab in the center of the photo. Shooting the subject to one side of the photo helps the viewer take in the whole scene.

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4. Frame your subject

explorer tunnel

Find a tree branch, or a bridge, or a bigger building, or practically anything that will naturally frame your shot, so that the object you’re shooting will pop.

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5. Finally, put your camera down!

camera down monkey

Don’t try to take pictues of everything, just because you have a new 128GB memory card in your camera. You won’t be able to record everything, and while you stare through the viewfinder, you’re missing what’s happening right in front of you!

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