“I am 1,000 plus, says Anaap-Shnap.blogspot.in” by K.J.S.Chatrath

Canada-Two 804 640 85It looks like yesterday when I was sitting in a coffee shop with friends Supreet Dhiman and A.P. Singh, discussing various things in a light hearted manner. The talk turned and twisted and turned around. At the end of it we got up with the decision that I should start a blog and name it as anaap-shnaap.

I got into it with gusto and my blogs started coming out at great speed. These blogs have been generally brief.
I am happy to share that this is the 1,000th blog. </b>

How to describe these blogs? Acidic, bullshit, cartoons, hard hitting, irrelevant, irreverent, pjs, with pun, pungent, silly, spicy, stupid, suggestive, thought provoking, tongue in cheek, unsparing, uninspiring, etc.? You decide. Recovered_File_4986                        One of my favourites- Godfather ya Godfather ka Baap!</p>

My request to those who have not yet subscribed to it – please do so. It is free, without obligation and one can unsubscribe any time one wants to.

2 thoughts on ““I am 1,000 plus, says Anaap-Shnap.blogspot.in” by K.J.S.Chatrath

  1. ap singh

    Congratulations Chat on 1000th post. The anaap shnaap you right is anything but anaap shnaap. The one liners are hard hitting. Brief paras are thought provoking. I enjoy reading your posts. You know the target I mentioned on FB so please continue with your writings. Wish you all the best.

  2. Anand Mahajani

    Congratulations Sir!
    I do follow Travel Talk and enjoy it, also envy you for the kind of trips you make.
    We recently thought of you when revisiting the images from our
    trip to Leh Ladakh. We felt we must plan something together again!


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