‘T Nagar walk in Chennai’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

I have been to Chennai a number of times and to its T Nagar area a few times. I never knew anything about the background or history of this part of Chennai. In fact I always thought that ‘T-Nagar’ was an abbreviation of Thaygaraja Nagar!

In this background I was happy to receive the following email. If I were in Chennai, I would have surely joined the walk. Take a look a join if you feel interested:

“Touring T Nagar

  • Chennai Pastforward 
  • Today at 12:36 PM
To …Sriram V
BCC……[email protected]

“T-Nagar Walk

It may be an urban horror today but Theagaroya Nagar to give it its full and proper name was the first planned locality to come up in Madras in the 20th century. Plainly modelled as a scaled down version of Lutyens’ New Delhi, it was the New Town and the city’s showpiece when it was built in the 1920s. The history of T Nagar has much to do with the history of our city â?? the rise of Dravidian politics, the freedom struggle, the world of cinema, the time when Madras still had a number of Andhras living in it and of course the history of retailâ?¦ Come and join historian Sriram V on this tour to be held between 6.00 and 8.00 am on Sunday July 26. As always, the walk will conclude with breakfast. Send the transaction details to [email protected] for confirmation.”


By the way traveltalk.co.in is in no way connected with the organising or managing of this walk. The above information is shared for the benefit of its readers.

Regards……………..KJS Chatrath



My friend L.C.Amarnathan, Ex- Director General Police and Ex-Vice Chancellor has sent this useful information:

“It is Thyagaraya Nagar in full form. There is ‘Panagal Park’ at the centre with streets
in all 4 directions. Initially developed as a residential area in 50s, it is now the hottest shopping/commercial centre. ”Vani Mahal’ as a cultural centre hosted many karnatic musicians like MSS and bharatanatyam dansueses like Vaijayantimala.
Born and brought up in T’ Nagar I passed out from ‘Sri Ramakrishna Mission High School’ located opposite the park and my sister from ‘ Sharada Vidyalaya’.
It is now endless shops end to end in that prime locality.”

Thank you Mr. Amarnathan.

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