‘Carvings on Vraha in the Vraha temple, Khajuraho, India’ by K.J.S.Chatrath



Carvings on the statue of Vraha in the Vraha Temple 580 50The Varaha shrine, built on a lofty plinth, is essentially similar in design to the Lalguan Mahadeva Temple, but is simpler and more modest. It is an oblong pavilion with a pyramidal roof of receding tiers, resting on fourteen plain pillars and enshrines a colossal monolithic (2.6 m long and 1.7 high) image of Yajna Varaha (incarnation of Vishnu) which is exquisitely finished to a glossy luster and is carved all over with multiple figures of gods and goddesses. The flat ceiling of the shrine is carved with a lotus flower of exquisite design in relief. The shrine built entirely of sandstone is assignable to circa 900-925.  (Text source: Archeological Survey of India)

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