‘Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India – an embodiment of Sarv Dharma Sambhav’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

225px-Flag_of_India.svgToday is 15th August- India’s Independence Day.

Let us remember all those who fought for Independence and suffered at the hands of the colonial government.  They professed various religions. But they were all Indians first.

I visited Chandni Chowk in Delhi last Sunday.  It was a long leisurely walk there after may be 50  years.

I am just going to share some photographs that I took in Chandni Chowk. On seeing those you would connect them to a very happy picture of secular India- where faithful of diverse religions stay side by side in peace in friendship.

Take a look:

chandni chowk august 2014 014 300 19

A Hindu Temple

chandni chowk august 2014 068 580 20

Another temple.

chandni chowk august 2014 066 580 20

A Jain Dharamshala

chandni chowk august 2014 053 580 30

Posters of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

chandni chowk august 2014 029 400 40

The Fatehpuri Muslim Mosque.

chandni chowk august 2014 041 580 20

Christian Church

chandni chowk august 2014 020 400 19

Sisgunj Sahib Sikh Gurudwara.

All embodiments of ‘Sarv Dharma Sambhav’

India is a happily secular country and I am proud to be an Indian.

Mera Bharat Mahan!

Photos, text & copyright K.J.S.Chatrath 2014.

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