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‘Japanese Region’s New Anti-Flatulence Brochure for Tourists’ by Cara Giaimo

256b6b1d-7fec-44dd-86dc-b8936beb942bJapanese are admired the world over for their impeccable behaviour and consideration for others. One can surely learn from them.

In this connection you may like to read a Japanese Region’s New Anti-Flatulence Brochure for Tourists, suggests Cara Giaimo.  This  booklet, which is now available in English, counsels tourists on how to “understand the Japanese mind” by refraining from screaming and farting. …….Read on by clicking at the link below:

Some tips for safe travelling

Japan 2015- part II 169 640 85

Photo by K.J.S.Chatrath, 2015

Here are some tips for safe travelling – nothing strikingly original, but good to keep these in mind:

1.      Avoid going to secluded areas even with friends.

2.      Always carry small change and avoid flashing around large notes.

3.      Always keep the number of the local embassy in case you run into trouble.

4.      Carry your money in a hidden waist wallet instead of a handbag.

5.      Do not talk to strangers even if they appear to be very friendly.

6.      Do not follow or get into a vehicle of a stranger even if they look harmless.

7.      Do not talk to local children as it might offend the parents.

8.      Do not take pictures of religious places or children as it might offend locals.

9.      Carry a copy of your passport and keep the original in the safe.

10.  Avoid getting into an argument with a stranger.



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