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‘Peruvian Literature House, Lima, Peru’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

While visiting Lima, in Peru three years back, our Tour Director Ms. Nila Soto* advised that a visit to the Literature House was a must. The Group went there. And she was so very right!


The Literature House, Lima, Peru.

The Peruvian Literature House is located at the old Station Homeless (Jr. Ancash 207, Historic Centre of Lima). Homeless is an old train station, which currently has an administrative use, but eventually offers freight services and passenger transport between Lima and the central highlands.


Look, the statue on the right is carrying a railway engine in her arms.


Absolutely stunning glass roof.

Its name comes from the Church and Convent of Our Lady of the Abandoned formerly was next to the station.


The building is located, and which today houses the House of Peruvian Literature, is a French academic style building, which was erected on the old building of the Central Railway Station of Callao to Cerro de Pasco.


The construction of three levels was the first public work designed by Peruvian architect Rafael Marquina and finished building in 1912.


In its construction methods and modern materials like reinforced concrete structures and iron wire mesh looms was adopted. The main distinctive inside are the wrought iron benches with wood, the large stained glass lamp Art Nouveau, and the main staircase. 

There was an unmistakable buzz of excitement in the Literature House as the  Peruvian-born novelist Mario Vargas Llosa, one of the Spanish-speaking world’s most acclaimed authors and a former presidential candidate in his homeland, had won the 2010 Nobel Prize in literature. 800px-Vargas_Losa_Göteborg_Book_Fair_2011b 420 95

Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa. (Photo source: Wikipedia)

Mr. Vargas Llosa’s extensive body of work spans novels, essays and literary criticism, including such titles as “The Time of the Hero” and “The Green House.” He is the first Peruvian winner of the award and the first South American since his once-close friend Gabriel García Márquez won in 1982.

“In this case the Nobel Prize is not only a recognition of a writer but at the same time of the Spanish language,” the 74-year-old author said to reporters in New York. “It is also recognition of the importance of Latin American literature.”

While leaving the building we found a group of tiny school children who had come to visit the building, resting on the floor, some tired and some not so tired.


 Children are the same everywhere in the world. While the young lady in the red poncho posed happily for the photo, the young gentleman next to her is unhappily crying.

  Useful Information:

Address: House of Peruvian Literature, Old Station Homeless, Jr. Ancash 207, Historic Centre of Lima. Phone: 426 2573.

Hours: Guided tours: From Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm

Theater: From Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 am

*Nila J. Soto Santiago, Tour Manager & Official Tour Guide, Engishs-Italian-Portugues; http://www.perulimaguides.com; cel. ++511999650951

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