‘Mayo Memorial Hall in Alllahabad -II’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

In my earlier post ‘Mayo Memorial Hall, Allahabad’- I (http://traveltalk.co.in/?p=396),  I had put up photos of this Memorial and written about its architect R.R. Bayne, who was an Engineer in the Indian Railways.


 One of the lovely doors of the building.


I noticed six heads carved out in the outer wall of the building. Whose heads are these and what are these meant to represent? I have not been able to decipher that.

allahabad-nov-2013-085-copy-420-50The face and the turban indicates this to be an Indian.


With curly hair and thick lips it is perhaps the representation of a man from Africa.


Feathers in the head band-perhaps an American Indian?


The medallion in the neck showing a kangaroo hints towards the head representing a lady from Australia. The head band reads ‘Polynesia’.



 One guess could be that each head represents the inhabitants of one continent. Another possible interpretation- that the heads  represent the inhabitants of the  territories of the British Empire. However this does not appear fully valid since by then the USA was an independent country.

May be one of my readers would be able to throw some light on it.


Photos, text and copyright: K.J.S.Chatrath

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4 thoughts on “‘Mayo Memorial Hall in Alllahabad -II’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

  1. Madhukar

    Indeed rather intriguing these heads. The last one of the series is definitely of hellenic origin. Maybe a quirk of the builder which has us flummoxed!

  2. Naresh Whig

    My guess is that these heads were an assorted collection exhibited by the sculptor who came to India from Europe. The gentleman who built mayo hall must have got the Indian bust especially commissioned for the building. I do not see any symbolic message except artistry and excellence in sculpture.


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