‘Come, squeeze in with me’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

Recovered_File_8361 640 40Frequent flyers and not so frequent flyers all need to take note of the trends in introducing more efficiency of space in the airplanes because ultimately they are going to be impacted by it. An air passenger wants more leg space but the airlines are stingy with it as it costs money.

<p>Air Meditterrannee, a French carrier recently replaced the aluminium seats of its planes by titanium seats. The new seats weigh only 4.2 kgs a chair as against the weight of 12 kg per seat of the existing ones. Even though the new seats cost three times as compared to the earlier one’s , the savings in terms of released cabin space and lesser weight of the aircraft, were b calculated to make up for it.</p>

News of another experiment, this time done by Lufthansa, is doing the rounds. They have shrunk the seatback pocket and have placed the tray stowage higher on its seats in its seating in A320 airbus fleet. This allowed the to increase the numbe os seats in each plane from 150 t 168. Taking an overall account in its fleet, Lufthansa gained to the equivalent capacity of 12 additional A320s.</p>

This is not to say that the conventional methods of reducing leg space in the air carriers have been given up. Spirit Airlines, an American budget airlines has reduced the space between two rows of seats to 71 cms as against the 78-82 cms that the airlines generally provide.But this is one news that is not going to trouble too much the vertically challenged air passengers like me.</p>
Based on: ‘ Flying into the Future: Airline interiors: How technology is changing a passenger cabin in whatever class you fly’, http://www.economist.com/news/technology-quarterly/21651920-how-technology-changing-passenger-cabin-whatever-class-you-fly-flying


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