“Chandigarh’s ‘heritage’- real or flippant” by K.J.S.Chatrath

aa-               Pottery discovered at Bhirrana.

There is a stunning news. The Archelogical Survey of India has, on the basis of excavations which they have been undertaking, declared that  Haryana’s Bhirrana is oldest Harappan site and Rakhigarhi Asia’s largest. These date back to 7300 B.C. Now this is a heritage that we would really like to be proud of. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/Haryanas-Bhirrana-oldest-Harappan-site-Rakhigarhi-Asias-largest-ASI/articleshow/46926693.cms

Recovered_File_4906And here we have some ‘heritage lovers’ in Chandigarh who opine that the 50 year old Open Hand Monument of Chandigarh is a heritage item. One just can not ignore that this emblem appears to have been ‘borrowed’ by late Le Corbusier from the symbol of ‘Fatima’s hand’, which one can see everywhere  in  Morroco, Iran and the adjoining countries.

??????????????Fatima’s hand

 Chandigarh’s ‘heritage’- real or flippant?

You decide.


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