‘Visit to the General Post Office, Bengaluru, India’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

Bangaluru 580 40Bengaluru GPO. (Photo source-internet)

When I was in Bengaluru in January, one of my friends suggested that I visit the Bengaluru General Post Office (GPO). The building is nice, he said, and added that I must also visit their Philately Section.

the GPO building was imposing from outside and spacious, neat and clean from inside. The Philately Section on the first floor too was spacious and well organised. I took a number of photos but unfortunately later on,  while transferring those to the pen-drive something happened and I lost about 350 photos that I had taken in Bengaluru & in Chennai.

Anyway, I bought two sets of stamps from the GPO as small souvenirs. Take a look.  indian musicians stamp 640 66indiand lighthouses stamps 580 66

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