‘Iran- a melange’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

Recently I spent two weeks travelling in Iran by bus with a conducted tourist Group  from all over the world, organised by Intrepid Travels, Australia. There was so much to see, taste and experience.

Here are a few photographs at random.

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This hotel where the group had lunch was named ‘The Silk Road Hotel.

flowers iic 1925 480 40

Iran’s own answer to cola drinks.

flowers iic 1910 480 40I was initially surprised to see that Coca Cola and Pepsi cola were available. I was informed that the contracts with these multinational companies entered into before the Revolution were not rescinded as it would have meant unemployment for thousands.

Interestingly I noticed that the Coke cans mention contents as ‘330 mls plus/minus 8.25 ml’. flowers iic 1915 480 40Interiors of a modest hotel.

flowers iic 1914 480 40We still find such brass water heaters at some places in India.

flowers iic 1878 580 40I was unhappy to notice that these three young boys had plucked flowers from some garden. Anyway I took this photo. I was informed by the Guide that these boys were of Afghan origin.

flowers iic 1953 580 40A bold display of colours on a wall.

flowers iic 1835 580 40Colourfull fruit juices & non-alchololic soft drinks

flowers iic 1924 580 40A rather innovative  & colourfull way of keeping the paper napkins.

flowers iic 1513 580 40Quite like in large parts of India, In Iran too raw onion is a part of the meal. However their onions are on the sweater side and are not the tangy tear inducing types that we have in India.

flowers iic 1928 580 75

In a restaurant in Shiraz, I found a row of national flags of various countries decorated in a row. I was happy to see that Indian flag was there too (fourth from left) but was distressed to find it flying upside down. I went to the Reception and pointed it out. The Receptionist expressed his regrets and told me that would get it rectified forthwith. Thanking me for pointing out the mistake, he gave me a 10% discount on y food bill.

But the Indian in me was not satisfied. I went to the same restaurant around dinner time to verify and was pleased to see that our tricolour had been put correctly.


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