‘Looking around in Lima, Peru’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

Lima, the capital of Peru, and a place where it never rains, is a good twelve hours flight away from Paris, France. In Lima, the first time visitor is surprised to see quite a few large European style buildings, all very well maintained.

Spaniard Francisco Pizarro founded the city of Lima in 1535. I walked around the central area where Pizzaro used to stay.

Take a look:

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1533 580 40The Government Palace of Peru, also known as House of Pizarro, houses the Peruvian government headquarters. It was constructed way back in 1535. It has been through many alterations. The current structure was built in the 20th century, designed by Peru’s dictators in the French Baroque style architecture.

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1525 480 40

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1543 580 50

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1524 580 40The Central Posts & Telegraph Office.

The Central Post Office was opened in 1897. At the beginning of the 20th century the building was completely remodeled to fit into the new European style Lima and received the first telephone switchboard. The Post Office was closed down a few years back. Since 2011 the building houses the Museum of Peruvian Gastronomy.

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1520 580 40Impressive windows Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1539 580 33It is said that once a year, on the ocassion of the founding of a famous Peruvian beer company, these fountains are filled with beer and one can drink as much as one can- and free. True or false? I do not really know. Perhaps my Peruvian friend and the Tour Director of our Group’s visit, Ms. Nila Soto (Nila J. Soto Santiago, Tour Manager & Official Tour Guide, English-Italian-Portugues; http://www.perulimaguides.com cel. ++511999650951), could throw some light on it.

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1536 580 33

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1535 480 33

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1531 580 66A neat row of shops in this covered market in the centre of the town.

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1530 580 40And guess what did I find there? Posters and DVDs of a Hindi film starring Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta!

Peru Sept-Oct 2010 1046 580 40

Yes I did try out the famous ‘Inca Cola’ which is famous in Peru and its adjoining countries. It tastes very sweet a with a flower of chewing-gum. This non-alchollic beverage was introduced in 1935 and became the most important drink in Peru. Some time back the Coca-Cola Company is said to have acquired it but in Peru a joint venture with Coca-Cola Co. runs it. Inca Kola is a source of national pride and patriotism in Peru, a national icon. Inca_Kola_Advertisement_Hartog_Bell 342 95Advertisement for Inca Kola featuring Peruvian 1967 Miss World winner Madeline Hartog-Bel. (Source of this photo: Wikipedia)

Photos text & Copyright by K.J.S.Chatrath 2014.

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