‘But it was a grave and sudden provocation, My Lord!’ by K.J.S.Chatrath

A dear friend put up a tempting photo of ‘Bhatura-Channa’ on my board. The ‘Bhatura‘ looked lovely and the ‘channas’ tasty with some green chillies for the extra zing.

It was a grave and sudden provocation. I was restless. I had to get a plate. I remembered some one had told me that the best ‘bhaturas’ in the world were in Ludhiana.  I had to finalise a plan before I could sleep. And that I did.

Next morning, I put the plan into action. The normally lazy me did a crazy thing. I got up early and went to the railway station while it was still dark. I sat in the Inter-City express and got down at Ludhiana. Took an auto and was soon in front of one of the well known eateries of Ludhiana.


There was a small queue at the ‘bhatura’ counter. I stood patiently. And when I thought that my turn had almost come, the person ahead of me gave in his slip ordering 5 plates of ‘Bhaturas’. The wait seemed endless.

But soon I was proudly carrying my ‘Bhaturas’ tray to the table. Take a look.


But to be honest, at the end I found the dish to be slightly on the sweeter side and not as spicy as I would have wanted it to be.

And soon I was in a bumpy bus traveling back to Chandigarh.

On hearing of my trip, another dear friend quipped, ‘Chat, I hope the bumps helped in the digestion!’

Photo, text and copyright: K.J.S.Chatrath

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